Intent on discovering the full range of abilities granted by the Flowers of Perun, Integra decides to run a few tests. Naturally, Alucard gets to be the guinea pig.

May Flowers 3/31

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Flowers of Perun backstory was in Every Leaf In Springtime. Pip: So, ah, what’s she testing? Seras: Perenova tsvetje: the Flowers of Perun. Obtained by Sir Integra in the wilds of Poland, after a nightlong vigil and a battle with the forest itself! Pip: She fought with trees? Seras: Well, they were really dangerous trees!

May Flowers 6/31

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Alucard: I could always just stand here and let you attack me. Integra: I’ve already tried. In theory, the Flowers of Perun confer the power to defeat demons. In practice, I’m not sure how to switch them on. Alucard: So what good are they, again? Integra: Well, I can hear the grass complaining about how… Continue reading May Flowers 6/31

May Flowers 9/31

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Walter: …got into the cupboard, spilled rice all over the place… Seras: I’ll clean it up! I… [Pip’s imagination]: …breasts, face, knockers, nose, jugs…boobs, melons, cans, hooters… Pip: Ehehe… Seras: Pip! Stop it with the obvious gags!

May Flowers 10/31

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Pip is still serving his punishment for the disastrous events of Integra’s birthday party. Seras: I’ll train him better, Walter. I promise. And I’ll clean up the mess. Walter: Yes, you will– Alucard: I’m afraid she can’t do that. Walter: Why not? Alucard: We’re going on a hunt. Walter: In that case, Captain, it’s up… Continue reading May Flowers 10/31