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Sailor Knights

The cast of Pretty Knight Sailor Hellsing.

Click the civilian names for their character tags, and the senshi titles for more extended profiles!

Integral Wingates Van Helsing
New leader of her father’s organization, she gets yet another secret identity as the pretty suited sailor soldier Sailor Hellsing. Strong, smart, decisive, a natural leader, but perpetually behind in her schoolwork because she stays up all night. Daughter of Arthur Van Helsing.

Alexandra Anderson
A tough transfer student from the nearby Catholic school, she was a vampire hunter and a regenerator before meeting Integra and becoming Sailor Regenerator. She’s strong and stubborn, and, although she acknowledges Sailor Hellsing as leader of the knights, she answers first to God.

A would-be amateur reporter, she follows people around with her camera until she follows the wrong pair and gets caught. Turns out she’s the not-quite-mindless Sailor Ghoul – but she can’t assume this identity until she’s been bitten and drained by the mysterious masked vampire.

Pip Bernadette
The fiery, feisty tomboy Pip is leader of the school’s football (“soccer” for the Americans among you) team, the Wild Geese. And she turns out to be the representative of her species, Sailor Human. She’s yet another strong-willed sailor, and a fiendish tease; there’s very little that she takes seriously.

Seras Victoria
She causes a bit of media hype working on her own as Sailor Vampire before joining up with the other sailors. Sweet, innocent, and rather reluctant about acknowledging what she has become, Seras does much better working with the rest of the team than on her own.

Walter Dornez
Integra’s official guardian as far as the school system’s records are concerned, but for all practical purposes he’s her subordinate. He’s wise and well-versed in the ways of keeping the organization running smoothly, and his first response to any problem is to make some tea.

Integra’s obligatory furry black red-eyed guardian. Gives out the transformation crosses for the Sailor Knights, and guides them on their mission to find the elusive Master and save the world. He’s also been helping Seras under the name Alutimis.

The Masked Vampire
Keeps showing up to make cryptic remarks and help Integra, then vanishing before anyone can get any answers. Never seen in the same panel as Alunacard/Alutimis. Or Brenner, for that matter.

J. H. Brenner
A creepy fellow Integra can’t seem to stop running into, mainly because every time she tosses a wadded-up piece of paper behind her, it hits him. Calls her “pointy-hair.” Probably too old for her.

The Bad Guys
In the first chapter, Richard Van Helsing. For the rest of the series, a whole bunch of Freaks-of-the-Week, led by the mysterious Incognito in the name of the demon Set.

Time-traveling child of Integra and Alucard. Fled the war-torn future city of Crystal London to get help from the legendary Sailor Knights. One day she’ll be awakened as Sailor Dhampir herself.

Nonexistent Future Arcs

Sailor Ghost

Heinkel & Yumiko
The Iscariots

Rip Van Winkle
Sailor Huntress