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Act 8 Page 3

Act 8 Page 3 published on No Comments on Act 8 Page 3

Alex: Hey, Integra.

Pip: It’s about time.

Kim: come on in and have a seat! we just finished telling seras about how pip got to be a sailor.

Integra (narrating): Her name is Seras Victoria, and she’s Sailor Vampire. That’s all we know. After she saved us last night, she nearly collapsed, so we brought her here. She spent the day sleep in Kim’s room, while Pip and Alex went to their homes.

Now she’s going to tell us her story (There’s a version in the Sailor V game, but she says it’s all wrong.)

Seras: Hello, Integra…should I call you that?

Integra: Yes. Or Sir Integra, if you prefer.

Seras: Okay, Sir Integra.

Integra: All right, Seras…start talking.

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