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Act 6 Page 7

Act 6 Page 7 published on No Comments on Act 6 Page 7

Pip: Here you go…


Alex: What kind of vampire is that?

Pip: A low-level one.

Alex: No, no, I mean the outfit.

Not to mention Sailor V’s, um, unusual proportions

Pip: Says something about the character designer’s personal life, doesn’t it? But the game is cool enough that you can overlook those parts.

Alex (thinking): Is it? Just how accurate will it be? Time to find out!

Kick. Punch. Duck. So this is story mode? It’s so small.

Take them out in small groups — focus your energy — let the bullet hit your leg — it’ll heal — your heart won’t. There’s only one place in this scene where a vampire oculd hide.

Wow, that’s a big gun. I like my knives better, though.

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