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Act 3 Page 2

Act 3 Page 2 published on No Comments on Act 3 Page 2

[chatter chatter]

Integra (narrating): Hi. I’m Integral Van Helsing. Age 13. Leader of the Hellsing Organization, sailor suited knight, and currently dead tired.

Kim: Integra! You’re here early!

Integra (narrating): Alex is also a Sailor Knight. I just found out a few days ago. But before that, I asked Kim, the school gossip, to find out what she could…

Integra: Kim?

Kim: I’m so glad I caught you! I did a little sleuthing on Alexandra!

Integra: Sleuthing?

Kim: Yeah — stuff like spying! Anyway, I followed her the other night with my trustworthy camera. She was sneaking around that private Catholic school. I lost track of her, but I got some even juicier stuff!

It looked like a military operation was going on! And you know, I bet Alexandra was in on it!

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