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FelinaofL2 on Sun Mar 08, 2009 6:56 pm

Oh geez… I love this, but I’m hoping it doesn’t follow Sailor Moon to the T, because if there’s one thing I just can’t stand about SM, it’s how certain identities are badly concealed and the characters remain stupid just for the “big reveal” that takes at least 30 episodes to finally happen. :ick:

As soon as Alunacard said “the Master”, I remembered how everyone in SM was SHOCKED to find out Sailor MOON was the MOON Princess. At least the Masked Vampire and Human!Alucard look rather different, but it’s weirdly surreal to see that Alunacard has no idea who the other two versions of Alucard are.

Oh, and you’ve totally nailed the one thing I love about Sailor Moon: the Transfomation Pens & Transformations, the yelling of “____, MAKE-UP!” and the attacks. I’m a total sucker for the girlyness/silliness of the whole thing, it’s a fun guilty pleasure. XD

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