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Act 16 Page 13

Act 16 Page 13 published on No Comments on Act 16 Page 13

Seras: I knew something wasn’t right . . .

Alex: It’s all hazy.

[Laura got to them too. ]

Kim: i don’t know! it ‘s so weird!

Pip: Well, if she confused Kim, she must be real powerful, huh? But seriously — she sounds like bad news.

Integra: And yet, somehow, even now . . . however little sense it makes, she doesn’t feel like a threat.

There’s nobody like her in Hellsing’s records. But she knows about me, the Master of Monster, and my staff.

And she’s made herself completely at home here — in my home. She even wears my old clothes . . .

It’s no use talking to Walter. He’s gone silly over her.

Walter: and what should I make you for dinner tonight?

[latent wish that Integra was young again, perhaps? ]

Integra: But she’s not hurting him, so I’m not going to take any action against her — for now.

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