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Act 15 Page 3

Act 15 Page 3 published on No Comments on Act 15 Page 3

Integra: Alex, your arm’s back? How long was I out?

Alex: Less than a day. You put out some kind of energy wave there at the end. I healed faster than ever.

Integra: Pip, what about your eye?

Pip: It’s not infected. Doesn’t even hurt. Of course, it’s still gone, but you know, I think I like the eyepatch.

Integra: Media management must be having a fit right now…

Kim: they were for a while. then i suggested they stop trying to suppress all talk, and just keep down the vampire idea. and it’s working brilliantly! right now, lots of people think it was a ufo. piece of cake!

Seras: I’m so glad you’re all right, Sir Integra! My Master brought you home, but then he vanished, and we had no idea when you were going to wake up…

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