Act 15 Page 10

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Integra: Alucard. I thought it might be you. I don’t suppose you’d like to come live at the mansion? We’re prepared to house another vampire. And you’ve lived there before, haven’t you? Alucard: I’m quite ready to come back. In fact, my coffin is still there. But let me make one thing clear first.

Act 15 Page 11

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Alucard: I don’t like humans. They’re weak, pathetic creatures, shallow and petty, who only last a few decades before falling apart. Integra: What a coincidence. I don’t like vampires. They’re inhuman monsters, creatures with massive egos but no morals and no purpose for being.

Act 15 Page 16

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Integra: Why does everybody know my name today?? Laura: Well then, Sir Integra… [TCHAK] …you must have the staff of the Master of Monster. Give it to me! Are you listening? Integra (thinking): This cannot be happening! [Act XV – End]