Pretty Knight Sailor Hellsing

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To see the whole thing: Start from page 1 To see the pages never posted before: Skip to the Chapter 16 intro page If all you want is an executive summary of the fun bits: Skip to the arc overviews Other links: Chapter index | Characters | Artbook A most unlikely fusion. Lots of genderswap… Continue reading Pretty Knight Sailor Hellsing

Act 7 Page 14

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Kim: the dog-freaks are all backing off! well, the ones that are left, anyway… Integra: You with the gun…who are you? Pip: Dude…no. freaking. way. Alex: She can’t be — can she? That gigantic gun…those gigantic…um…bullets…She’s…

Act 8 Page 3

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Alex: Hey, Integra. Pip: It’s about time. Kim: come on in and have a seat! we just finished telling seras about how pip got to be a sailor. Integra (narrating): Her name is Seras Victoria, and she’s Sailor Vampire. That’s all we know. After she saved us last night, she nearly collapsed, so we brought… Continue reading Act 8 Page 3

Act 8 Page 4

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Seras: It was a couple of months ago… Dad: Captain Victoria here…Yes? Understood. I’m sorry, Seras, honey…there’s been an emergency. D-11 is on call. Seras: Don’t leave me alone here, Daddy! Dad: All right. Get your coat. Now, stay in the car, and keep the windows closed and the door locked. Okay?

Act 8 Page 5

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Seras (thinking): This is the official case report…”Suspect was assigned as a priest to a small church in the village of Cheddar.” Integra (present): Cheddar Village? Seras: That was it. Integra: That was a case that Hellsing didn’t get to until too late. Please continue. Seras (flashback, thinking): “Police were sent in to apprehend the… Continue reading Act 8 Page 5