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The Rally To Restore Humanity 3/5

The Rally To Restore Humanity 3/5 published on No Comments on The Rally To Restore Humanity 3/5

This day has been pretty stressful for Stephen. The weather is clear and sunny, and he’s been outside for most of the afternoon.

Jon: Well? Are there any bloodsuckers in the crowd? What are you waiting for? Come at me!

Stephen: Are you sure about that, Jon?

You have to be scared. You’re only human. This could be your last chance to give in. Take back that declaration, bandage the cut, and spend the next couple of days hiding out in a garlic-lined bunker, just to be sure.

Jon: I’m not taking anything back, Stephen. I’m not letting Fear win. I want any vampires in this area to reveal themselves and get over here.

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