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Chapter 6 Page 06

Chapter 6 Page 06 published on No Comments on Chapter 6 Page 06

The word אמת (emet, “truth”) was traditionally inscribed by a rabbi on a golem’s forehead to activate it.

Integra: It’ll have to be a symbol or glyph with religious significance in your tradition. The important part is the weight of history behind it, but if it resonates with you personally, so much the better.

Jon: Uh, I can write a couple of words in Hebrew. L’chaim, Emet

Stephen: Bad idea! Bad idea!

Integra: He’s right. We don’t want some kind of vampiric golem on our hands.

Jon: Oh, right. Better stick with the Star of David, then.

I guess that’s that…Well, Stephen? Ready for me to, uh, draw this on you?

Stephen: Draw…that…


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