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Chapter 6 Page 02

Chapter 6 Page 02 published on No Comments on Chapter 6 Page 02

The woman in the first panel is Ronald-Ann Smith, formerly seen in this strip. Full circle!

Hellsing does not own property in NYC, or any other American city. However, the Warbucks Organization has buildings just about everywhere — including office space, hospital facilities, and alchemical labs — all of which they are more than willing to loan out to Hellsing when necessary.

Ronald-Ann: Just go straight down. We’ve set the wards to let you through. And watch your step…one of the stairs isn’t always there.

Jon: Uh, thanks.

Jon (thinking): …Huh.

Who knew there was so much to the Warbucks Organization besides military-industrial handjobs?

Stephen: There you are!

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