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Chapter 5 Page 10

Chapter 5 Page 10 published on No Comments on Chapter 5 Page 10

Stephen: Was any of that code for “can we jam a sharp stake into your tender bits”? What’s the catch?

Seras: No catch.

Stephen: I killed a man! Am I supposed to believe you’re going to let that slide?

Seras: You lost control. We have the resources to keep you fed, so it won’t happen again.

You don’t want to be a monster. The problem is that you don’t know how to fight it, except by trying to pretend you’re human. I remember being there. The fear. The confusion. Being desperate for guidance, for people to help me learn how to be who I was, how to embrace what I had become. Come with us, and you can have that. Instead of living in hiding, you can have a place to be open while you figure yourself out.

Stephen: Oh, that’s the catch.

Seras: What…?

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