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Chapter 4 Page 05

Chapter 4 Page 05 published on No Comments on Chapter 4 Page 05

The paper pinned over the door is a barrier, like the ones Anderson throws around. It gives this room the protection that a home would have: a vampire can’t enter without the owner’s express invitation.

Jon still has a faint scar on his arm from that nine-year-old ghoul bite.

Seras: Please, try not to strain yourself. What’s the last thing you remember?

Jon (thinking): Cute nurse…No! Cute is bad. Cute will distract you into saying something stupid.

Jon: Listen, it’s all pretty blurry, okay? I was with my friend, and I had skipped one of my pills. That’s probably why I fainted. Please, can you just tell me if he’s here?

Seras: Persistent, aren’t you? All right, come in!

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