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Chapter 3 Page 04

Chapter 3 Page 04 published on No Comments on Chapter 3 Page 04

Jon: Ow! What’s in that bottle? Bleach?


Stephen: Holy water. Shake it off, Stewart! The burn means it’s working.

Jon: S-so it doesn’t mean I’m turning into a…was that thing a vampire?

Stephen: Of course not. That was only a ghoul.

Jon: “Only”?!

Stephen: Gee, Jon, which would you rather be up against? An inhumanly fast night-stalking predator, or a mindless shambling zombie?

If it had been a vampire, you’d probably be a ghoul yourself right now. That’s what their victims turn into. Unless they put in the extra effort to make a new vampire, which they usually don’t.

But you met a ghoul. So you get to walk away, with a nifty scar, a story to impress the grandkids, and, if you have any sense, a newfound respect for a certain not-so-paranoid-after-all co-worker.

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