Chapter 2 Page 06

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As always in the Shineverse, that’s the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen design for Mina, and the Hellsing design for you-know-who. Bobby: Okay, here’s the Cliff Notes version. In the story, when Dracula starts regularly feeding on Mina, it establishes a mental link between them. Later, when she and her friends have Dracula on the run,… Continue reading Chapter 2 Page 06

Chapter 3 Omake

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Seras was pretty weirded out when her Master showed up with a beard. Stephen, on the other hand… Stephen: Stephen’s Alucard: and Dracula’s Stephen: wait wait wait DRACULA? omg. … Beards are marvelous, aren’t they? Alucard: Yes…marvelous.

Chapter 5 Page 13

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Seras: Hurt? Well…yes. But only at first. And after that, only your pride. We can put you on a leash. Lock up your most dangerous powers, and place your fate in the hands of someone who can keep you under control.

Chapter 7 Page 12

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Pip: What, my mignonette has supernatural powers of empathy now? Seras: Just good instincts… …and some familiarity with the backstory. An older vampire might make the mistake of thinking he could control the situation. This one’s young enough to understand the value of surrendering. Only to a worthy human, of course. Integra: Don’t think you… Continue reading Chapter 7 Page 12