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World Enough And Time 3/13

World Enough And Time 3/13 published on 1 Comment on World Enough And Time 3/13

Yomiko: No matter what I did to avoid ’99, even if it worked, it damaged the timeline. Meetings that were supposed to happen never did. Warriors who should have been forged that day went on to peaceful careers in accounting.

Eventually the time loops fell apart, taking the fabric of existence with them.

Of course, rewriting history so those loops never happened means I don’t remember any of the details. Which is too bad, because they would have made a fantastic novel.

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Xuanwu on Tue Jun 28, 2011 8:39 pm

I just love how “Shine or Die” continues to have ramifications throughout the Shine universe. Now we have the implication that it’s the time meddling that caused many of the significant differences between this and the original Hellsing! (I can’t say that was intended, honestly, but it’s a great retcon.)

Starcat5 on Tue Jun 28, 2011 9:15 pm

Oh, lovely. My inner Fanboy is whimpering in a corner, realizing that the “Jewish Tooth through a Nazi Heart” scene is most likely not going to happen. Sir Penwood’s two, count them, TWO Crowning moments of Awesome were ether subverted by Joker or glazed over entirely, and now Pip Victoria (;-p) won’t be on hand to do the deed. Also, to quote a forum RP for a comic I used to read back in the day, “Time Travel makes for lousy bookkeeping.”

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