Shine Public Service Announcements

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Integra: Now, listen up, kids…don’t smoke. It’ll stunt your growth, it’ll put you at risk for cancer… Seras: Um…Sir Integra…maybe you should put out the… Integra: …so unless you happen to be in charge of a secret organization whose failure would mean the deaths of millions of people. What, police girl? Seras: Eh…never mind? Anderson:… Continue reading Shine Public Service Announcements

Fangirl Karaoke: Malcolm

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To the tune of the Arrogant Worms’ “Malcom.” Integra solves her problems by showing she’s the boss Walter solves his problems with guns and killer floss Seras solves her problems with a big gun and a cross But Alucard has got a way that’s better than the lot ‘Cause Alucard solves his problems with the… Continue reading Fangirl Karaoke: Malcolm

The Guns of Hellsing

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Correction: I’ve been informed that this is an actual Smith & Wesson revolver. Depicted is a semi-automatic pistol. If you want more/better information, go see IMFDB’s Hellsing page. A roundup of the guns found in the original Hellsing anime. Anyone want to do a survey of the manga and/or OVA? Used by Integra: Glock 23F… Continue reading The Guns of Hellsing

Fangirl Karaoke: The Brady Bunch

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– Where IS he? We’re on in five! – In there!…watching Brady Bunch reruns?! – Now get out there and sing! – Wait! I don’t even know what song…Uhhh…Start playing the Brady Bunch theme! Here’s the story Of a scary vampire Who was fighting with some very scary ghouls All of them had skin of… Continue reading Fangirl Karaoke: The Brady Bunch

The Ties That…Bind?

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Once upon a time in the Shineverse. This would be shortly after Jeeves and Wooster have gotten together, and well before Jeeves and Walter have been called up to fight WWII. In between lessons on tea-making and vampire-slaying, Walter also learns creative methods for keeping your employer’s wardrobe in check. Bertie, meanwhile, seems to have… Continue reading The Ties That…Bind?

Shine Print Ad

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Drawn for a compilation way back when ComicGenesis was Keenspace (and the only URL for the site was “”). Erin: Hey! My name’s Erin, and I’d like to tell you all about my comic: And Shine Heaven Now. Unfortunately, it’s a fancomic, and the editors are wary of copyright violations. So here’s what I can… Continue reading Shine Print Ad

April Fool’s 2018

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Not a joke: over the past year or so, I’ve had a few dreams where I was doing Shine again. I would wake up and think “all right, time to draw the next part of this storyline” before realizing the storyline didn’t exist and I couldn’t remember any of the details it supposedly had. …And… Continue reading April Fool’s 2018

Hellsing 21st Anniversary

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On April 10, 1997, Young King Ours magazine published the first chapter of a certain manga by an artist known mainly for his hentai. For the next ten years he would keep drawing, with lots of delays and stalling and begging for assistants – but even as he worked slowly, the idea was caught up… Continue reading Hellsing 21st Anniversary

Shine Ultimate Collection

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The updated version of the Complete Collection. High-res versions of every daily And Shine Heaven Now strip, every Sunday Edition, every page of The Eagle of Hermes, and every last-minute omake. Plus: missed bits that were found during the strip-by-strip re-upload, and all-new bonuses, including some drawn in 2018. It’s free to download, but a… Continue reading Shine Ultimate Collection