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Cigar Break – Omake

Cigar Break – Omake published on 1 Comment on Cigar Break – Omake

Entirely true story.

So this is what my mother said while we were watching Hellsing…

Mom: Oh no, Integra’s a bad role model…she smokes.

Erin: Don’t worry, Mom…until I’m in charge of a secret vampire-hunting organization, I won’t start smoking.

Mom: Oh. Okay.

Erin (thinking): Besides…she can quit any time.

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admittedly for someone who knows how cigars are actually meant to be smoked it’s not as bad a habit as cigarettes as to properly smoke a cigar you aren’t supposed to inhale instead you take the smoke into your mouth not your lungs and taste it. So I suppose you’re still at risk for mouth cancer but less for lung cancer.

I’ve never smoked any but one of the youtube series’ I watch did a full segment on how to properly smoke a cigar and I had it on the background while I was playing a game.

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