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Shine Ultimate Collection

Shine Ultimate Collection published on 2 Comments on Shine Ultimate Collection

The updated version of the Complete Collection.

High-res versions of every daily And Shine Heaven Now strip, every Sunday Edition, every page of The Eagle of Hermes, and every last-minute omake. Plus: missed bits that were found during the strip-by-strip re-upload, and all-new bonuses, including some drawn in 2018.

It’s free to download, but a donation (suggested amount is $5) would be welcome!

Download all files through Gumroad

Volume 1 (514 MB) Daily strips and storylines.

Volume 2 (434 MB): Sundays and holidays, The Eagle of Hermes, and other bonus material.

Hellsing 21st Anniversary

Hellsing 21st Anniversary published on No Comments on Hellsing 21st Anniversary

On April 10, 1997, Young King Ours magazine published the first chapter of a certain manga by an artist known mainly for his hentai. For the next ten years he would keep drawing, with lots of delays and stalling and begging for assistants – but even as he worked slowly, the idea was caught up by animators and merchandisers and translators and ever-increasing legions of fans, who took it and ran with it.

Happy birthday, Hellsing.

Seras: Why the big splash for the 21st anniversary, and not the 20th?

Integra: The artist is American.

Alucard: Which means that this is the year Hellsing can celebrate . . . being old enough to drink.

April Fool’s 2018

April Fool’s 2018 published on No Comments on April Fool’s 2018

Not a joke: over the past year or so, I’ve had a few dreams where I was doing Shine again. I would wake up and think “all right, time to draw the next part of this storyline” before realizing the storyline didn’t exist and I couldn’t remember any of the details it supposedly had.

…And then this idea came along, and suddenly I had an absolute deadline for when to get the website and the Ultimate Collection in presentable shape. April 1 or bust!

Alucard: These borders look familiar.

Integra: It’s been such a long time . . . is this really . . . ?

Seras: Look! It’s the old logo!

[And Shine Heaven Now: Resurrected]

Integra: What are we doing here, Erin? You’re not seriously going to start up Shine again.

Erin: And why not?

I did this strip six days a week, for almost nine years! Never skipped an update — even during weeks when I literally didn’t have a computer. And in all the years since, I’ve never stopped loving Hellsing and its characters. Plus: I can still draw Seras’ uniform perfectly from memory down to the last button. What makes you think I’m not perfectly ready to jump back in?

Integra: Today is April 1.

Erin: . . . okay, fine.

I just . . . I wanna qualify for the TVTropes Webcomic Long-Runners list!! I’ve been making webcomics continuously for the past fifteen years, but no individual comic has made it! The minimum is 10 years — well, Shine ran for 8 years and 10 months! If I post a new strip in 2018 and tell the TVT admins it was on a really long hiatus, maybe that’ll count!

Integra: You’re asking the admins to accept one hell of a technicality.

Alucard: I can . . . encourage them to see things our way. Give me an order.

Seras: Master! We talked about this. You be nice to the Internet. [pat pat]

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