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The Guns of Hellsing

The Guns of Hellsing published on No Comments on The Guns of Hellsing

Correction: I’ve been informed that this is an actual Smith & Wesson revolver. Depicted is a semi-automatic pistol. If you want more/better information, go see IMFDB’s Hellsing page.

A roundup of the guns found in the original Hellsing anime. Anyone want to do a survey of the manga and/or OVA?

Used by Integra: Glock 23F

Beretta M92F

Walther PPK (taken from her uncle)

Smith and Wesson .38 semi-automatic

Used by Alucard:

Possible basis for the Casull: the AMT Automag IV. Differences: the Casull has no manual safety, is double-action, and has a longer barrel.

The Jackal, however, doesn’t seem to be based on anything. Totally fictional. (Not surprising, as it’s totally unrealistic. Just the way Alucard likes it.)

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