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Shine Print Ad published on No Comments on Shine Print Ad

Drawn for a compilation way back when ComicGenesis was Keenspace (and the only URL for the site was “”).

Erin: Hey! My name’s Erin, and I’d like to tell you all about my comic: And Shine Heaven Now. Unfortunately, it’s a fancomic, and the editors are wary of copyright violations. So here’s what I can tell.

I have a few original characters, like Reseda here. She’s a chordewa.

chordewa = type of vampire from Bengal. Favors cat form.
(An actual myth. I prefer genuine mythology to making things up.)
(Luckily, any copyright on these creatures is looong expired.)

Erin: Give ’em a grin, Reseda. (Show off your teeth!)

Reseda: What am I, a trained monkey? You can have a grimace, but that’s all.

Okay, I’m taking over. This is Lisa. She’s a cherub. (She’s modeled after a Cabbage Patch doll. It’s more obvious in some pictures than others.)

Lisa: Hi! Aww, I’m so glad I could be here!

Reseda: And this demon (s/he’s androgynous) is Baalberith, the secretary of Hell.

Baalberith: Someone shut that angel up. Why is she around for a beheading, anyway?

Lisa: Please don’t get mad, Baalberith!

Baalberith? Hey, what gives? I was told there would be a beheading here. Also, donuts.

Reseda: Dude, we lied to get you to show up.

Baalberith: Is that so? If there’s no death and destruction on the agenda today…then I’d better take care of it myself!

Lisa: I will only act in self-defense. Please, stand down.

Reseda: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Calm down, you two! We don’t have time to re-enact Milton. Besides, you’ll give people the wrong idea about Shine. It’s a comedy, not nearly this epic. You haven’t even appeared more than half a dozen times!

Although, come to think of it, I’ve only appeared in one storyline so far…

What gives, hm?

Erin: If you show up too often, everyone will think you’re a Mary Sue. Besides, Shine is more about the canon characters.

Ballaberith: Which we can’t show, or even name. So let’s give the comic’s URL and get this over with already.

Reseda: Actually, as it turns out…the URL has the name of the show in it.

Baalberith: The show that we’re a fancomic of?

Reseda: Yeah. So we can’t give it directly. It’s in the rules.

Baalberith: That’s stupid.

Reseda: You want to pay the legal bills?

Just google it. You’ll find it.

Lisa: Can we say “google”?

Baalberith: We have all the lawyers down here…

Reseda: That’s not really the point.

The Ties That…Bind?

The Ties That…Bind? published on No Comments on The Ties That…Bind?

Once upon a time in the Shineverse. This would be shortly after Jeeves and Wooster have gotten together, and well before Jeeves and Walter have been called up to fight WWII.

In between lessons on tea-making and vampire-slaying, Walter also learns creative methods for keeping your employer’s wardrobe in check. Bertie, meanwhile, seems to have picked up his Aunt Dahlia’s terms of endearment-while-being-sort-of-demeaning-but-mostly-out-of-endearment-we-swear.

on Deviantart | on Tumblr

Bertie: Reggie! Your young blot of a protégé has shredded my jaunty new tie!

Jeeves: Was that a tie, sir? I had assumed it was an old rag, which you brought home to be used as target practice.

Fangirl Karaoke: The Brady Bunch

Fangirl Karaoke: The Brady Bunch published on No Comments on Fangirl Karaoke: The Brady Bunch

– Where IS he? We’re on in five!

– In there!…watching Brady Bunch reruns?!

– Now get out there and sing!

– Wait! I don’t even know what song…Uhhh…Start playing the Brady Bunch theme!

Here’s the story
Of a scary vampire
Who was fighting with some very scary ghouls
All of them had skin of grey
Like their master
Who’s something of a fool

It’s the story
Of a girl named Seras
Who was having some ghoul troubles of her own
She ran into the church of Cheddar
But she was not alone

Till the vampire burst in, trying to save Seras
And he knew that it was much more than a hunch
She didn’t want to die, so she went with him
And that’s how Seras became Alucard’s lunch!

Alucard’s lunch! (Cha cha cha-cha cha!)
Alucard’s lunch! (Cha cha cha-cha cha!)
That’s the waaaay she became Alucard’s lunch!

The Guns of Hellsing

The Guns of Hellsing published on No Comments on The Guns of Hellsing

Correction: I’ve been informed that this is an actual Smith & Wesson revolver. Depicted is a semi-automatic pistol. If you want more/better information, go see IMFDB’s Hellsing page.

A roundup of the guns found in the original Hellsing anime. Anyone want to do a survey of the manga and/or OVA?

Used by Integra: Glock 23F

Beretta M92F

Walther PPK (taken from her uncle)

Smith and Wesson .38 semi-automatic

Used by Alucard:

Possible basis for the Casull: the AMT Automag IV. Differences: the Casull has no manual safety, is double-action, and has a longer barrel.

The Jackal, however, doesn’t seem to be based on anything. Totally fictional. (Not surprising, as it’s totally unrealistic. Just the way Alucard likes it.)

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