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Top Secret Shine Templates

Top Secret Shine Templates published on No Comments on Top Secret Shine Templates

The super-top-secret templates behind most of the strips in the early years…

#1 – “Typical Pip”

Pip: [surprisingly deep remark]

Seras: Wow, Captain…that was surprisingly deep of you.

Pip: [continuation on subject with sexual innuendo]

Seras: It figures.

#2 – “Enrico and Integra”

Integra: [point of theological contention between Catholics & Protestants]


Integra: [well-crafted, intelligent rebuttal]

Enricl: Yes, but we don’t use vampires. So nyah.

#3 – “Pip and Seras”

[ANGST] [vampire] [monster] [young] [unloved] [too cute]

Pip: Do not angst, Seras. [reason to be happy]

Seras: You’re right, Pip. I feel better.

Pip: Oh good! Can we sleep together now?

Seras: [RAGE.]

[Doom Mallet]

[Repeat with new subject of angst]

#4 – “AxI”

Integra (thinking): [non-angry thought about Alucard]

[thought with the faintest suggestion of the merest hint of a very slight attraction to Alucard]

Alucard: [snarky comment]

Integra: [verbal abuse]

#5 – “Easy Storyline Template”

Seras: I have an idea!



#6 – “Temporary AxI”

Integra/Alucard (thinking): ♥ / [prejudice] / [violent denial]

+ [Pick One]
– Alcohol
– Hypnotism
– Dream sequence
– Drugs
– Magic
– Magic of Christmas
– Aliens


#7 – “Young Enrico”

Enrico: When I was a kid…


[No punch line necessary]

#8 – “Reseda”

[cute cute]

[cute cat-type activity]

Reseda: Purrrr.

Walter, Pip, Seras, cat lovers in readership: Oh, how cute!

#9 – “Walter”

Walter: Tea?

Seras: Thank you!

Walter: [innocuous comment]

Seras: [mundane reply]

Walter: [cheerful response with possible double meaning relating to homosexuality]

Seras: …

Walter: More tea?

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