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Rejected Ideas Email File

Rejected Ideas Email File published on No Comments on Rejected Ideas Email File

Erin (thinking): Hmm…I should probably clear out some of these unused tidbits in my inbox…

Oh, right…half of these are concepts Xuanwu threw at me that never went anywhere.

– When I wrote about the Catholicon tournament of Pray Pray Revolution, I thought it was an exaggeration…

– Here’s a fun place to live, eh? If only I spoke German.

– Some photos of the lovely flower Castilleja integra. It’s certainly striking enough to have earned the name.

– Reader Chris writes, “In WW2 the British nickname for the German troops was ‘Jerry’ (also the source of the term ‘jerry can’ for the gasoline containers seen on jeeps and trucks). And we have Schro, who’s a German cat-boy…”

Seras: In other words, our Tom was a Jerry.

Schrödinger: Ain’t I a stinker?

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