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Shine Recommends

Shine Recommends published on No Comments on Shine Recommends

Those comics: Hellsing Bloopers, Great Idea | Oblivion, MacAlucard, and Resurrection.

Need to keep up the quota of Hellsing fancomickry in your life? Here are some complete or ongoing comics to add to your reading list:

Hellsing Bloopers
A series of comedic one-shots. Every character gets their moments.

Great Idea + Oblivion
An ongoing story. The underappreciated characters who were killed off in the anime band together to start their own group. Chaos ensues.

A completed story. The cast of Hellsing act out the Scottish play, with loving snark at both along the way.

An ongoing story. An unexpected refugee shows up at Integra’s door. Hellsing takes him in, but it’s not going to be easy for anyone…

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