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Doujinshi-Ka’s Last Inbox 22/23

Doujinshi-Ka’s Last Inbox 22/23 published on No Comments on Doujinshi-Ka’s Last Inbox 22/23

Q. Does anyone from Millennium’s side survive the events of this final battle? If so, what do they do afterward?

A. Afraid not. This group was self-selected to be uninterested in redemption. Any who try to hide are tracked down by people like Seras, Saint Tail, and Chris Orcot.

Q. Is Timothy still trans* in the Shineverse? Does he act on it in any way while head of Iscariot?

A. As the head of Iscariot, Timothy is the very model of a pious Catholic gentleman. Let’s just say most of his subordinates don’t need to know how he spends his vacations ^_~

Q. Since the folks at Millennium seem to be somewhat more aligned to ward some form of Nordic/Germanic paganism rather than Christianity, how would each of the officers react to being sent to Valhalla?

Zorin: These Valkyrie costumes are awesome. Why have I not been wearing one all my life?

Rip: The wine is okay, and the song is fantastic, but I miss my gun…

Major: I worked so hard to get blotted out of existence, and now it turns out there’s an afterlife?? No fair! …The eternal feasting is pretty nice, though.

Captain (sign): As long as they have kibble.

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