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Integra Street Views

Integra Street Views published on 1 Comment on Integra Street Views

Collected strips from the mini-hiatus taken during the 2011 England riots.

Your doujinshi-ka is wiped out from a combination of Otakon, family visits, and long bus rides. Proper strips will resume shortly. In the meantime, please enjoy…

Bad Vampire Joke Theater

Q. What’s red, packed with strawberries, and bites people in the neck?
A. A jampire!

Erin: Reason #13,945,011 why causing Chaos in London is a bad idea.

[Photo taken by a reader in Wimbledon.]

Erin: Paris is for lovers…of Integra.

[photo taken by reader Hellen in Paris.]

Erin: Back in the UK: Integra will protect my car? Sign me up! …and I don’t even have a car!

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