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Introducing But I’m A Cat Person

Introducing But I’m A Cat Person published on No Comments on Introducing But I’m A Cat Person

Cameos: the main cast of But I’m A Cat Person.

Erin: So last Friday’s strip was, of course, an April Fool’s gag. Mostly! The part about original projects was real. In fact, I’m working on right now. It’s a–

Bianca: –a webcomic! Hi, everyone! My name’s Bianca, and I’m here to tell you why this is awesome.

There’s all kinds of excitement and adventure in this story. International conspiracies! Magical talking animals! Cryptic references to religion! Drag queens! Also tender character moments. And hurt/comfort. ANd romance. Sexy, sexy romance. Basically, we have it all.

Look out for action-packed battles which Erin is forced to draw in full, rather than resorting to a “Go Fish” cop-out. Shiny!

Not to mention, familiar faces!

Timothy: Although in much prettier outfits.

Reseda: ‘Sup.

Bianca: And we get to be the main characters! All we have to do is adopt this adorable puppy!

Sparrow: …but I’m a cat person.

Bianca: Good news! That’s the title.

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