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World War Vignettes: Rome Behind-The-Scenes

World War Vignettes: Rome Behind-The-Scenes published on No Comments on World War Vignettes: Rome Behind-The-Scenes

A sneak backstage peek at the half-finished version of last Sunday’s strip.

A behind-the-scenes look at how these strips work when they’re half-finished. (Or, alternatively, a way to get two days’ worth of comic out of a single strip.)

Figures have to be sketched in some detail to make the inking look good.

The strip is drawn on a single page, in two columns which are combined later.

I used to carry my sketchbook with me, sketching and inking things on the go and only scanning them when I got home. To make sure I didn’t lose track of the dialogue in the meantime, I would write it all in. These days, I do it all at home, so I only have to jot brief notes of dialogue.

lol, Freudian

With these long and narrow Sundays, I ink the main outline first, and work out the lines between panels as I draw in the figures.

The mini version of the logo gets shoved in wherever I can fit it.

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