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In Care Of Thee 15/15

In Care Of Thee 15/15 published on No Comments on In Care Of Thee 15/15

Jon is reading a chapter of Beezus And Ramona. Stephen slips in one more Tempest reference.

That evening.

Jon: “Come on, Ramona, it’s time to go home,” she called to her little sister, who was happily sprinkling sand on a sleeping dog. “And let’s not forget Ralph!” Good old Ralph!

And that’s the end of the chapter. We’ll read the next one tomorrow, okay?

Miranda: Mmhmm.

Jon: Good night, sweetheart.

Miranda: G’night and good luck, Daddy.

Stephen: That child has you wrapped around her little finger.

Jon: It happens. Listen, are you heading out soon?

Stephen: As soon as you let me finish, yes! My point is…if Mandy’s little finger is good enough for you, well…If anybody has to inherit me after you’re gone, I…I want it to be her.

Jon: Stephen, this — this is tremendous. I’m thrilled.

Stephen: Not that I’m giving you permission to let your little life be rounded with a sleep any time soon, understand?

Jon: I think that was implied, yes.

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