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Triptych (Part II) 2/35

Triptych (Part II) 2/35 published on 1 Comment on Triptych (Part II) 2/35

iJeeves: If I might be permitted to interject an opinion?

Mister Anderson, perhaps you have observed the behavior of a cat when it feels no pressing need to devour its prey. I believe the metaphor has particular relevance to your present situation. And Mister Alucard…

Let us be frank with each other. You deserve better.

In Care Of Thee 7/15

In Care Of Thee 7/15 published on No Comments on In Care Of Thee 7/15

2010. Miranda “Mandy” Lake Stewart.

[cheep cheep]

Miranda: Lean forward.

Jon: Honey, you’re going to make me fall over.

[cheep cheep]

Jon: Mandy, there’s something important I want to tell you.

But it’s a big secret, so you can’t talk about it with anyone. Not even to win a debate. Do you think you can handle that?

Miranda: Even if it’s a debate with a stupidhead?

Jon: Yes, even then.

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