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In Care Of Thee 5/15

In Care Of Thee 5/15 published on No Comments on In Care Of Thee 5/15

How much do I love that the Olberclone Farm is canon?

Ann: We didn’t create Olbermann, but he’s turned out to be surprisingly useful. Nobody here is adept at playing the media game. His influence makes it that much easier. Of course, if we had somebody with your critical insight working for us…

Jon: You realize that I make my living telling dick jokes, right?

Ann: Just figured I’d put it out there. I hope you’ll at least be willing to advise us on one specific project.

The man was a fluke. A stroke of luck. If something happens to him, the odds of a replacement turning up in good time are low. So we decided to stack the deck.

Olberclones: terrorist / aaahh! / Called it a breach of the basic social contract / You are a mindless, morally bankrupt bag of meat! / @#*$! / Have you no shame? Have you no shame?! / monkey posting as a would-be newscaster / You idiot!

Ann: We call it the Olberclone Farm. “The Olberfarmm” for short.

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