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In Care Of Thee 4/15

In Care Of Thee 4/15 published on No Comments on In Care Of Thee 4/15

Ann: We appreciate Mr. Colbert’s support of free-market principles in general, and our organization in particular. The Daily Show, of course, has been somewhat more critical. I believe the catchphrase is “military-industrial handjobs.”

Jon: Well, you know, I don’t watch that show. I think it’s crass.

Ann: I’m not complaining. In fact, I figure we agree on more things than you realize. Science. Technology. Equal rights for every human. The need to stand up to religious oppression.

But it’s not enough just to support the issues. You also need to understand the value of a fast right hook. For too long, there was nobody in the media who did both…

…until now. Now we have someone in the shouting game who plays for our team.

Jon: Whoa, whoa, stop right there. Are you telling me your organization created Keith Olbermann?

Ann: Not exactly. Walk with me.

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