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Chapter 7 Page 05

Chapter 7 Page 05 published on No Comments on Chapter 7 Page 05

I’m thinking God’s first sign of disapproval would be undoing whatever miracle is holding Heinkel’s bandages in place.

Maccabee: In the meantime, it really does seem as though all he wants to do is host this TV show of his. If Hellsing is willing to take on the burden of his upkeep, there won’t be any cost to us. Although, Heinkel…

You fought him directly, and I trust your judgment. If you think he needs to be taken out, I’ll take the recommendation seriously.

Heinkel: …

It’s what your predecessor would have done. Maybe it’s time we tried a new direction. if God doesn’t approve of it, I’m sure He’ll find a way to let us know.

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