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Chapter 6 Omake

Chapter 6 Omake published on No Comments on Chapter 6 Omake

Findable on the downloads page, for the morbidly curious.

Jon: Well! Is it just me, or was that last scene kind of…uh…

Seras: Trust me, it could be a lot worse. This is the short story that Hellsing was based on.

Jon: Oh? “Legends of Vampire Hunter.” Hm…

…Oh dear.

Seras: Exactly. Now, count your blessings while we patch you up.

London’s Last Stand 21/32

London’s Last Stand 21/32 published on 1 Comment on London’s Last Stand 21/32

Bertie: I’ve found myself deep in the soup a few times — mostly to do with aunts, engagements, and cow creamers — but this takes the cake! Reggie would know how she can wriggle out of it…

Penwood: Who’s this Reggie fellow? Can we call him?

Bertie: That’s it! We’ll call for help! I knew I would think of something!

Stretch out your empathetic awareness. We’re looking for someone in the area, willing and able to come to our lady knight’s aid.

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