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Chapter 6 Page 10

Chapter 6 Page 10 published on No Comments on Chapter 6 Page 10

Jon: Okay, I’m getting a definite Ouija-board feeling over here. Is that on schedule?

Integra: Yes. That’s a good sign.

Stephen: Is there anything on the schedule about Jon starting to smell like the most delicious thing ever? I’m not saying he does, necessarily. It’s just totally innocent curiosity.

Seras: He smells the same to me.

Integra: It’s only to Colbert, then. Good.

This is one of those “sealed in blood” contracts. It only works if he caps the ritual by feeding on you. That requires the vampire to be willing to serve, driven by compulsion, or very hungry. We starved ours the first time, just to be sure.

Early Sketches 3

Early Sketches 3 published on No Comments on Early Sketches 3

– Alucard being annoying.
– From the end of the TV series — “Where is Alucard?”
– Seras playing Cupid.
– Hellhound to the rescue!
– Helena in her very own version of Bondagecard’s outfit. (Little bows and all!)
– Oral fixation? What oral fixation?
– Gratuitous leggy Integra.
– Also from the last couple of TV-series episodes — Integra knows what’s coming.

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