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Chapter 6 Page 08

Chapter 6 Page 08 published on No Comments on Chapter 6 Page 08

Jon: We can work this out! If it’s that important to you —

Stephen: It is!

Jon: –stop and think for a second! We changed the cross. No reason we can’t change this too.

Stephen: Weren’t you listening?

Jon: We’ll find a way to compromise, if you just —

Stephen: Haven’t you ever —

Jon: — be reasonable!

Stephen: –!

Jon: Better?

Stephen: Yeah. Yeah, I’m okay now. Except that I don’t think my arms are supposed to bend this way.

London’s Last Stand 16/32

London’s Last Stand 16/32 published on 1 Comment on London’s Last Stand 16/32

Bertie: Let’s try something long-range. You have a kind of empathetic — if that’s the word I want — radar for people who need help.

Try reaching out with that. Feel anything?


Penwood: Yes…A car. Someone’s trying to drive, and they’re in range of a line of firebombs.

No — they’re being chased with a line of firebombs. She’s being chased. That’s Sir Integra’s car!

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