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Chapter 6 Page 05

Chapter 6 Page 05 published on No Comments on Chapter 6 Page 05

Integra: All you’re doing is tracing lines. You don’t have to break the skin, although the knife is silver, so it’ll burn.

You’ll need to replicate this symbol. Try to keep the proportions exact. At some point the alchemic bond will start to kick in, and you’ll feel your hand being guided. That’s normal.

Jon: A cross, hm…?

Integra: …

…Good point. Let’s change that.

Stephen: Is she seriously revising ancient alchemy on the fly?

Seras: More or less.

Stephen: Can she do that?

Seras: When a master chef says the recipe needs more salt, you add more salt.

London’s Last Stand 13/32

London’s Last Stand 13/32 published on 1 Comment on London’s Last Stand 13/32

Cameo: Rose Tyler.

Rose: Mum!

Jackie: Rose, sweet’eart, come away from that window!

Rose: But, Mum, the other building’s on fire!

Bertie: You can’t touch anything directly. All you can do is inspire living people’s hearts.

I’ll guide people to the safest paths out of the fire. You stop by the next building over and help the folks remember where they left their first aid kits.

Penwood: Can’t we just inspire the fire department?

Bertie: They’re all busy. Go!

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