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Chapter 6 Page 01

Chapter 6 Page 01 published on No Comments on Chapter 6 Page 01

Jon: Mom? Hi. It’s me.

Sorry to be calling so early. I just wanted to make sure you got this message before you saw the news.

There was an attack at Stephen’s studio last night. They brought in the big guns, so the details are being kept under wraps, and the press has been going kinda crazy with the speculation in the meantime. Don’t worry about it, okay? Don’t even watch, if you can help it. I’m…

…fine. I’m fine.

London’s Last Stand 9/32

London’s Last Stand 9/32 published on No Comments on London’s Last Stand 9/32

Grace: But…the One Upstairs thinks you can handle the job. That’s not a recommendation to take lightly.

Penwood: You do mean God, right?

Grace: Yep.

Penwood: Just checking.

In that case…what the hell, right? — Am I still allowed to say that?

Grace: Damn straight.

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