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The Lost Storyline 10-13

The Lost Storyline 10-13 published on 1 Comment on The Lost Storyline 10-13

Seras: Here you are, sir. Sorry it took so long…

Integra: S’okay. Thanks.

Seras: Anything else I can do for you?

Integra: Uh-uh.

Seras: You’re sure, sir?

Integra: I’d like t’get some sleep.

[glug glug glug]

Integra: An’, Seras…

Seras: Yes, sir?

Integra: C’n y’ leave a bowl with me?

Seras: Ahh! Of course!

Seras: I’m back, Sir Integra! I brought you a bowl, and some more water…

Seras (thinking): She’s asleep…good. I’ll just leave these here and slip out quietly…

She looks so peaceful — I wonder what she’s dreaming?


[Stress relief Integra-style.]

Downstairs, later:

Walter: Knock, knock…

Alucard: Ack! Walter, what are you doing down here?

Walter: You’re needed to take out a vampire.

Alucard: Why didn’t Integra call me?

Walter: She’s sick.

Alucard: You know, there’s a reason I usually have Integra summon me from upstairs. It gives me a chance to get dressed.

Walter: Oh, posh. Hello Kitty pajamas are nothing to be ashamed of.

Out on a lonely stretch of highway…


Vampire (thinking): Still not used to this whole not-showing-up-in-mirrors business…

[tap tap]

Vampire: Huh–KYAAAHH!!

Alucard: BOO.

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