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Chapter 6 Page 07

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To get the full effect of Stephen’s rant, fast-foward the 3/17/2010 TCR interview with Nell Irvin Painter to about 2:30, then crank your volume.

Stephen: Don’t you touch me with that thing! Don’t you dare!!

Integra: Interesting…He shouldn’t be able to do that.

Seras: On it, sir.

Jon: Wait!

Stephen: Oliver Cromwell took our land and drove my people across the river Shannon where we were forced to farm rocks and I will see him rot in hell before I let you do any spell that involves writing his name on my body!

Jon: Don’t hurt him — just give me a minute — Stephen, calm down!

London’s Last Stand 15/32

London’s Last Stand 15/32 published on 1 Comment on London’s Last Stand 15/32

Penwood: Fires sure are scary things, huh?

Rose: Go get ’em, Mum!

Penwood: If any monsters come around here, I bet some fire would scare them right off.

I think I just taught a little girl how to kill ghouls.

Bertie: Spiffing! Little girls are the most terrifying creatures on the planet.

Penwood: Hey! I have — uh, had — a daughter.

Bertie: Then you know exactly what I mean!

Chapter 6 Page 06

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The word אמת (emet, “truth”) was traditionally inscribed by a rabbi on a golem’s forehead to activate it.

Integra: It’ll have to be a symbol or glyph with religious significance in your tradition. The important part is the weight of history behind it, but if it resonates with you personally, so much the better.

Jon: Uh, I can write a couple of words in Hebrew. L’chaim, Emet

Stephen: Bad idea! Bad idea!

Integra: He’s right. We don’t want some kind of vampiric golem on our hands.

Jon: Oh, right. Better stick with the Star of David, then.

I guess that’s that…Well, Stephen? Ready for me to, uh, draw this on you?

Stephen: Draw…that…


London’s Last Stand 14/32

London’s Last Stand 14/32 published on 1 Comment on London’s Last Stand 14/32

Cameo: Jackie Tyler.

Jackie: Hello? 999? Come on, pick up! That flat could burn down while you’ve got me on hold!

What are you people doing?

Penwood: They’re going to be overwhelmed all night. If you want to help those people, you’ll have to do it yourself.

Jackie: I guess it’s up to the rest of us. Rose! Where did I leave that fire extinguisher?

Penwood: That isn’t exactly what I meant…but close enough!

Chapter 6 Page 05

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Integra: All you’re doing is tracing lines. You don’t have to break the skin, although the knife is silver, so it’ll burn.

You’ll need to replicate this symbol. Try to keep the proportions exact. At some point the alchemic bond will start to kick in, and you’ll feel your hand being guided. That’s normal.

Jon: A cross, hm…?

Integra: …

…Good point. Let’s change that.

Stephen: Is she seriously revising ancient alchemy on the fly?

Seras: More or less.

Stephen: Can she do that?

Seras: When a master chef says the recipe needs more salt, you add more salt.

London’s Last Stand 13/32

London’s Last Stand 13/32 published on 1 Comment on London’s Last Stand 13/32

Cameo: Rose Tyler.

Rose: Mum!

Jackie: Rose, sweet’eart, come away from that window!

Rose: But, Mum, the other building’s on fire!

Bertie: You can’t touch anything directly. All you can do is inspire living people’s hearts.

I’ll guide people to the safest paths out of the fire. You stop by the next building over and help the folks remember where they left their first aid kits.

Penwood: Can’t we just inspire the fire department?

Bertie: They’re all busy. Go!

Chapter 6 Page 04

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Seras: Don’t worry, it’s not required for the whole ritual. Besides, we’ve seen dead bodies before. And you’re much better-looking than most.

Stephen: …Thanks?

Integra: You’ll need these.

Jon: Yes, sir.

Integra: And this.

Jon: Uh…

Stephen: You’re not going to stake me, are you? Because I know that’s not a stake, but it still looks awfully long and pointy.

Jon: There’s not going to be any staking here tonight. I’m sure there’s a perfectly painless reason for the unreasonably large knife. Right?

London’s Last Stand 12/32

London’s Last Stand 12/32 published on 1 Comment on London’s Last Stand 12/32

Grace: Good luck!

Bertie: Bertie Wooster! Jolly good to meet you! Didn’t know you when I was alive, but we came awfully close.

You were one of Arthur Hellsing’s posse, right? He was a good egg, that fellow. Any other questions, before we dive into the field?

Penwood: Just one…

Why are you wearing a fez?

Bertie: Fezzes are cool! Reggie hates it, of course, but sometimes a man has to put his foot down.

Chapter 6 Page 03

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Chapter subtitle stolen from the works of Dave Barry.

Jon: Sorry it took so long. They said I had to change, and get some food in me, and…are you okay?

Stephen: Gee, Jon…I’m bolted to a stone table, the silver alloy really chafes, they took off my old clothes and didn’t offer any classy new ones, and this underground dungeon is not doing my already-frigid body temperature any favors.

Other than that? Just peachy.

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