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Otakon 2010 Recap Spectacular

Otakon 2010 Recap Spectacular published on No Comments on Otakon 2010 Recap Spectacular

(The day before)

Email: Just thought you’d like to know, there’s a Hellsing photoshoot scheduled for when you were going to do the Shine meetup…

Erin (thinking): Oops.

Cosplay diary:

Friday: Arnold Rimmer (Mr. Flibble’s very cross)

Saturday: Short-haired Integra (needs moar eyepatch)

Sunday: Elegant catgirl (the hellhound tagged along)

Friday night, at the 18+ version of the Make A Manga workshop: Spent most of it sequestered behind the table, drawing G-rated sparkly fluff. (And, admittedly, one sultry naked female body.)

Everyone else in the room: Needs more penises! And tentacles!

The fire alarm went off Saturday afternoon, sending about twenty-eight thousand otaku (many of them in costume) pouring out onto the streets of Baltimore. Erin, meanwhile,w ent across the skywalk, from the Convention Center to the Hilton Hotel…and spent the next few hours relaxing in the manga library.

At the premiere of Welcome To THE SPACE SHOW:

Erin (thinking): OMG SO AWESOME

Saturday Shine Fan Meetup:

Fan: You said, back when you did the “Hellslight” parody, that Shine would never mention Twilight again after it…

Erin: Eheheh…the joke was too good to pass up.

Fan: Oh, I liked it! I just thought someone should call you on it.

A bunch of us went to a birthday dinner for Xuanwu at the pub across the street. They were letting diners put in requests for the music…so somebody at the next table over had us Rickrolled. People kept asking us if we had done it. We clearly enjoyed it the most.

Kittyhawk (Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki) / Erin Ptah with hellhound / KuroiTenshi (King of the Web) / Xuanwu

Xuanwu, cosplaying as catboy Zetsubou-sensei: Are you going to put the workshop in the recap? I thought it was pretty funny. How about that thing I said? Is that going to be in the recap?

At the premiere of Lupin III Episode 0: First Contact:

Erin (thinking): OMG SO AWESOME

The Moral of This Year’s Otakon: Always check the map to see if there’s an additional building not affected by the fire alarms!

Also: Lupin will NEVER stop being amazing.

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