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World War Vignettes: New York City 1/2

World War Vignettes: New York City 1/2 published on 1 Comment on World War Vignettes: New York City 1/2

Sweetness was last seen in the hands of Ann Warbucks, while Stephen Colbert’s last canon appearance was the time he MC’d that Pray Pray Revolution tournament.

As for who dusted a ghoul next to the Daily Show studio, and why…take a look at Shine’s baby-sister comic, The Eagle of Hermes.

New York City.

Dandy (thinking): This city is nothing but a waste of time! It’s only a target at all because Americans are emotionally attached to it. There’s not a supernatural challenger for miles around.

Wait…now that’s more like it! Someone actually took out a ghoul here!

Smells of adrenaline and sweat…but no blood.


Dandy: Come out, come out, wherever you are…I know there’s someone here. You reek of fear and–


Stephen: What’s that, Sweetness? You say he talks too much? You think we should shoot him some more? That’s my girl.

Sweetness: Double-action Colt Detective .38 special, third issue.

Chapter 4 Page 09

Chapter 4 Page 09 published on No Comments on Chapter 4 Page 09

Like most of the general public, Jon is under the impression that Seras is an ancient inhuman creature who operates on her own unknowable logic and does not comprehend the ways of mortals.

He has no idea that she was only turned two years before Stephen…and that, even taking into account the fact that her body hasn’t changed since, she’s more than a decade younger than either of them.

Seras: So he’s under your control?

Jon: Well, I think “control” is a bit much…

Seras: Do you also take responsibility for the man I killed?

Stephen: I told you, that wasn’t Jon’s fault! Except in the sense that he is tiny and increasingly frail.

Jon: I never told you I was sick…

Stephen: Oh, like I couldn’t smell it? I know you’re naturally decrepit, but even so!

Seras: Hee!

Jon: Oh, no, she’s giggling. Seras Victoria giggles?

Seras: It’s all right. You just reminded me of someone.

Jon: Do you mind? I know you’re not human, but for those of us who are, this really isn’t funny!

Stephen: Jon! Let the world’s most powerful vampire laugh!

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