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Chapter 3 Page 05

Chapter 3 Page 05 published on No Comments on Chapter 3 Page 05

The US government has always been pretty rubbish at dealing with the supernatural. Fortunately, we have the ultra-patriotic Warbucks Corporation, as well as a ridiculous amount of free agents, invested in keeping us safe.

Stephen, meanwhile, is none of the above. (Although Sweetness was manufactured by Warbucks.)

Jon: Okay, first, how old do you think I am, anyway? And second…

…I’m sorry. You were right all along. I shouldn’t have dismissed you.

Stephen: I accept your — wait, was that a real apology? I mean, not that I didn’t deserve it. It’s just that so few people ever put it quite so clearly.

Jon: Yeah, I meant it. How come you know about all this, anyway?

Stephen: Well, not to brag, but…I’m kind of a secret agent.

Jon: What, with the government?

Stephen: Our government? They don’t have the faintest idea how to deal with this. I’m with the–

Jon: *nnngh…*

Stephen: –Hey! Watch where you faint!

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