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World Cup 2010

World Cup 2010 published on 1 Comment on World Cup 2010

Today’s strip came from a suggestion by EverybodysFangirl.

Enrico: We are the Iscariot Organization. Holy fanatics. Assassins in the name of the church. It is our sworn duty to go forth and commit the most grievous sins, knowing that all we do is for the glory of the Lord.

And the Lord has not commanded us to sit at home watching sports!!

Yumie: Shhh! The game’s back on.

Timothy (Turkey supporter): If we’re going to be fanatics anyway, why can’t we be football fanatics?

Anderson (Scotland supporter): He’s just upset because Italy lost in the first round.

Yumie (Japan supporter): Goooooooooal!!

Enrico (Anyone-but-England supporter): Wait…is that Integra’s team getting completely demolished?

Heinkel (Austria supporter): Pull up a chair.

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