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Fangirls of the Greatest Generation 4/59

Fangirls of the Greatest Generation 4/59 published on 1 Comment on Fangirls of the Greatest Generation 4/59

New on Alucard’s arm: M G Kalar, aka Marielle WindWolf.

Walter (thinking): Bleh. It’s no big deal. I just have to keep Alucard from screwing up the time we have.

Alucard! Are you fooling around in Sir Hellsing’s office again?

Girlycard: Uh…

Fangirl: ZOMG!!!! I absolutely love Alucard! He looks so pretty in the Dawn and in Hellsing he is so powerful! He is my hero! I love how he can go from psycho killer to philosopher in a matter of seconds!

Chapter 2 Page 07

Chapter 2 Page 07 published on No Comments on Chapter 2 Page 07

Stephen: You have my very conditional attention.

Bobby: Well, for starters, I can tell when you’re being an idiot — that feels so good to say, you have no idea–

Stephen: Bobby —

Bobby: Sorry. Thing is, you’re not using your powers very effectively.

Stephen: …I sort of don’t have any. I mean, not dying, sure, and I can shapeshift just enough to hide the eyes and teeth, but that’s about it.

Bobby: And hypnotism!

Stephen: Like I told Jon, I don’t have–

Bobby: But you do! Maybe it’s subconscious, but I’m telling you, I can see this in your mind. You’ve been doing a kind of low-level hypnotism on your audience for years now.

Stephen: …Really?

Bobby: What, did you think they were listening for your cogent and reasoned analysis of the news?

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