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Fangirls of the Greatest Generation 3/59

Fangirls of the Greatest Generation 3/59 published on 1 Comment on Fangirls of the Greatest Generation 3/59

For a refresher course on how Walter came to live with Jeeves and Wooster, who ended up getting together in the process, go back and reread Isn’t That A Little Bit Dangerous, Jeeves?

Meanwhile, down the hall:

Walter: Alucard! You brat, where did you get to?

Walter (thinking): That annoying little…If he makes a bad impression when Uncle Bertie gets here…!

Not that Uncle Bertie will pay much attention to anyone other than Jeeves. But still!

Chapter 2 Page 06

Chapter 2 Page 06 published on No Comments on Chapter 2 Page 06

As always in the Shineverse, that’s the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen design for Mina, and the Hellsing design for you-know-who.

Bobby: Okay, here’s the Cliff Notes version. In the story, when Dracula starts regularly feeding on Mina, it establishes a mental link between them. Later, when she and her friends have Dracula on the run, Professor Van Helsing helps her access that link.

She can look into his mind. Find out his location. That’s how they track him down.

What if I have the same kind of access to your head? Only, now that you’ve killed me, I don’t have my own head to go back to. So I’m stuck here.

Stephen: Wish I’d known this would happen. I could’ve found a foxy lady to chow down on instead.

Bobby: Sure you wouldn’t just have gone after Tad?

Stephen: Don’t you try to change the subject to pillowy lips. Can I get rid of you?

Bobby: Your guess is as good as mine. But are you sure you want to? Because I think I can help you. And Jon.

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