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World War Vignettes: Los Angeles 1/3

World War Vignettes: Los Angeles 1/3 published on 1 Comment on World War Vignettes: Los Angeles 1/3

Count D’s pet shop, the eponymous establishment of Pet Shop of Horrors.

The three-headed dragon is Honlon, a set of triplets in one body. The heads, from top to bottom, belong to Junrei (the childlike one), Shuuko (the bossy one), and Kanaan (the violent one). They’re immortal, mostly peaceful, but with the power to demolish the city if they get angry enough. Oh, and the only person they’re obligated to obey is six-year-old Chris Orcot. Good times.

Los Angeles.

Leon: D!!

There are bleepin’ zombies running around out there! You had something to do with this, I know you did!

D: My dear detective, you do jump to conclusions. This war was created out of human cruelty.

Calm down. Have some tea.

Leon: Forget tea! Where’s Chris?

D: My apologies, Leon. I’m afraid your brother is…occupied…at the moment.

Chris: You can avoid breathing fire on the humans, right??

Shuuko: We’ll do our best.

Kanaan: Oh, come on! Where’s the fun in that?

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