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All Your Base 17/39

All Your Base 17/39 published on 1 Comment on All Your Base 17/39

Joker: Um…


Integra: Yomiko Readman was no traitor. She burned down the British Library to stop you from doing something. Give me one good reason why I should trust you.

Joker: We’ve been experimenting with I-jin. When Readman found out, she…disapproved.

Integra: We’ve known for years that you’ve worked with I-jin. Readman carried out a mission with a partner who was I-jin…

Joker: All right, all right!

Training adults — I-jin or paper users — is a long and cumbersome process. Not to mention, they’re prone to being rebellious. So we’ve been working with children. Talented, potentially deadly, infinitely malleable children.

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